The no gift holiday gift guide

Why I’m Not Doing Gift Guides This Year

After years of putting together annual holiday gift guides, this year I decided against it. Why? I frankly think we have way too much stuff. Myself included. Do we really need that holiday bundled beauty nail polish set when we already have six similar colours one shade darker? Another cute sweater to add to our…

The Ultimate Girl's Christmas Gift Guide | What She Really Wants for Christmas

What I Actually Want for Christmas

Throughout the entire year, I consistently build up a wish list of things I stumble across and fall in love with, leading me to have a full-fledged Christmas gift list nearing the end of the year. I then filter that list down to a curated Christmas catalogue that I share with family and friends. I am…

How to Balance a Side Hustle with a 9 to 5

How to Balance a Side Hustle with a 9 to 5

I’ve collaborated with a couple other blogger babes here in Toronto to bring our perspective on building our blog brands all while working full-time. Annika of The Fernweh Society (the maestro of it all), along with Stella of Pretty Little Wings, and I all work in corporate environments by day, and blog by night. The…


Ljubljana Cafe Hopping

While the countryside of Slovenia makes you feel as if you are as far removed from civilization as possible (in a good way), it’s capital city transports you right back into the most modern of urban life. The beautiful city is filled with the impeccably-dressed cool crowd, hovering at trendy restaurant patios and outdoor cafes. With…


2017 Intents

Every new year, I re-read this post on goal setting. And every year it reminds me not to set any. Author James Clear describes goals as self-sabotaging, in the sense that they effectively state that you must achieve x by the time x, or else you fail. Instead, he places importance on sticking to systems that constantly…


Girl’s Gift Guide: What she really wants

I pride myself on giving really personalised gifts. I try hard to find something that speak’s to the recipient’s personality and passions. Obviously not all gift sets appeal to every girl! But if there’s a female on your gift list this year who’s either an avid traveler, a fashionista, a girl boss, or just one with a…


10 Malta Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Malta is small but mighty. With less than half a million residents in a tiny piece of land, it’s hard to believe a country of this size could be something notable. But what the Maltese islands may lack in population and sheer size, they more than make up for in awe-inspiring landscapes, architectural beauty, seaside wonders,…


11 Toronto Bloggers to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat has quickly become THE social media tool for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. Gone are the days of insincerity, carefully curated imagery, and hiding behind a beautiful Instagram profile, all replaced by #realtalk. Today we’re more interested in seeing the BTS (behind the scenes), and what actually goes on in the everyday life of a blogger, preferably…


Happy Camper Baby Shower

I recently had the pleasure of co-hosting a Baby Shower for our good friend on the island. Her and her partner are avid campers, so we immediately decided a ‘glamping’-themed party would be perfect for them. However, the ‘Happy Camper’ to-be was an eager little baby and ended up arriving earlier than planned! And so the shower quickly became…


2016 intents

As has become an annual tradition, I’ve compiled a list of intentions, instead of resolutions, in which I subscribe to an intent rather than a concrete goal. I began doing this a couple years ago after coming across author James Clear’s article, Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.  By committing to a process, not…

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