Carpathian Mountains Road Trip

While we were in Ukraine, we took a little road trip through the Carpathian Mountains. Although the roads themselves were less than ideal (and provided for quite a challenging road trip), the trip ended up being a highlight of all our travels thus far. It was surreal to see farmers travelling by horse carriages, elderly Babushkas towing their bull by a rope along the roadside, and feeling like we were immersed in a time period long ago.

Admittedly, we started planning out our road trip rather ambitiously. We quickly learned that however long Google Maps says a route will take, that we had to take that and multiply it by three. This was purely because of road conditions. We literally saw people driving in the fields alongside the road because it was better driving conditions than the actual highway!

Nevertheless, once we arrived at our various destinations, we had a fantastic time. There was something about breathing the freshest air we had in months, the undisturbed scenery, and the simple way of life there. We can’t wait to go back one day.

Here’s a recap of our Road Trip through Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains.

Driving through the mountains as the sun sets (and desperately hoping we make it to our destination before dark).

Karpaty Ukraine

Pit stop in Yaremche, where I bought the most fabulous fushia pink sheepskin rug.

Yaremche Ukraine

Candy-coloured churches with gold (appropriately-named) onion domes.

Karpaty Ukraine

Our first overnight stop was Bukovel, the popular skiiing town. We checked into the best resort around, and were pleasantly surprised to find out that we were one of the few guests (I think there were 5 total), in a hotel of hundreds of rooms, not to mention panoramic views of the snow-less mountains.

Bukovel Ukraine

Bukovel Ukraine


Dinner consisted of our now favourite dish: Banosh, a traditional Western Ukrainian cornmeal porridge.Banosh

After dinner we took advantage of our in-room jacuzzi and ordered room service dessert to go with it.

Radisson BLU Hotel Room

We woke up feeling completely refreshed, and took advantage of an empty pool with a morning swim.

Radisson BLU Bukovel

We then fuelled up on a massive, yet amazing, breakfast, before setting out on our mountain hike.


Riding the gondola up (and down) the snow-less ski hill.

Bukovel Ukraine

Awarded with this view, post-hike.

Bukovel Ukraine

Relaxing in our hotel before checking out.

Radisson BLU Bukovel

My cute chauffeur colour coordinating with a church.


Thanking Ukraine for such a memorable experience!

Ukrainian Flag

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  1. June 13, 2020 @ 7:58 am Raj Parmanand Teeluck

    I was there once, travelling through Ukraine, I enjoyed the nectar of the breathtaking view of the Carpathians Mountains.


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