Bell Sleeves in the Slovenian Alps


Many people speak of belonging next to the sea. While I certainly can attest to that, I feel myself equally as drawn to the mountains.

Something about being immersed among nature’s biggest beasts, mountains are simply majestic (you can read about the first time I saw them here). When we discovered Slovenia was known not only for its turquoise swimming spots and it’s incredible cuisine, but for it’s mountain ranges, dubbed the ‘Julian Alps’ in response to it’s Swiss counterparts, we were sold. We planned out our road trip route, making sure to drive through the infamous Vrsic Pass, a narrow mountain pass with hairpin turns and breathtaking views.

I felt a bit like Maria from the Sound of Music, twirling in this cream bell-sleeved dress. I almost broke into song singing “the hills are aliiiiive, with the sound of muusic.” (I refrained for the sake of my boyfriend, who says I sing so off-key his ears bleed…nice).

We stopped near the mouth of the pass for a ploughman’s picnic on a lakeside dock, before embarking onto higher elevations. Once up amongst the mountains, I basically made us stop at every turn to get out and savour the sight because I just couldn’t believe my eyes. See for yourself (although the pictures really do not to it justice):

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Vrsic Pass


Vrsic Pass Stop Rock Statues Julian Alps Slovenia


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