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As has become an annual tradition, I’ve compiled a list of intentions, instead of resolutions, in which I subscribe to an intent rather than a concrete goal. I began doing this a couple years ago after coming across author James Clear’s article, Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead.  By committing to a process, not a goal, I focus more so on the process and the systems in place instead of only a certain end game. As author Clear (clearly) explains, “If you’re a coach, your goal is to win a championship. Your system is what your team does at practice each day. ” I like to re-read the article at the beginning of each year, and re-evaluate my systems in place based on my previous year’s intents vs. what actually worked.

2016 Intents_an Architect Abroad
You can check my 2015’s intents as well as 2014’s. Looking back on the year 2015, I’m proud of some of the systems I’ve put into place, such as establishing a morning routine (that’s even gotten me to the gym earlier than I would have ever imagined I possibly could!). I also can’t help but be in awe of the adventures I’ve been so fortunate to go on. From hiking a mountain in Montenegro to road tripping through Southern Sicily with my best friends, from celebrating my birthday in Budapest to the chaos of Moroccan market souks, it’s been one memorable year. One thing the photos don’t show though is a struggle I’ve been going through, and some serious obstacles I’ve had to overcome (and am still trying to). Which is why I’ve kept my last intent from the previous year on this year’s list: don’t worry, be happy. Every single day I intend on following these guidelines based on issues I personally believe I need to work on:
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I’d love to know, do you usually set New Years resolutions or goals for yourself? What would your intentions look like?

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