2015 intents

Happy New Year!

I sincerely hope your 2014 was spectacular and that 2015 brings you everything you dream of and beyond.

This time last year I wrote a post on my 2014 intents, and how I believe that outlining intentions for the year, instead of concrete goals, is more beneficial in setting you up for success. I thought it would be fun to reflect on last year’s intents and update my intentions for 2015. This time last year I drafted 6 processes I intended on committing to, that in doing so, would in turn lead me to reaching various goals. Here they were and how I think I did:

1. Take more risks.

All I have to say is: I sure did. From quitting my job, to moving abroad, I definitely took the most risks this year than I ever had before.

2. Make decisions with my gut.

This is definitely something I am still working on, but I think I am learning to do better as I get older.

3. Go with the flow.

As a notorious over-planner, I’ve struggled with this one my entire adult life, and especially travelling. However, I also think its become the biggest lesson I have learnt while abroad. Usually, going with the flow of things has resulted in magical experiences I could never of planned.

4. Continue prioritizing my health.

I’m proud to have been able to continue this important practice while on the road.

5. Embrace change.

Similarly to the first intention, I’ve definitely embraced more change this year than ever before. With a new country to call home, a new job, and countless new experiences, embracing change has been a massive challenge, but also something that has allowed me to enjoy travelling all the more.

6. Establish a morning routine.

I never thought I’d say this, but I actually enjoy waking up early and getting a head start on my day now! It’s amazing what a difference a year makes.


After a year filled with countless memories, challenges, and accomplishments, I can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store.

So without further adieu,  here are the processes I intend to focus on this upcoming year:

2015 Intents


I’d love to know, do you have a particular intent you like to focus on this year? Leave your process intention below.

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