2014 Non-Resolutions

Are you someone, who, at every turn of a new year sets concrete goals for yourself to accomplish that upcoming year? How often are those specific goals met, if ever?

Recently I have been struggling with the notorious to-do list, of which I have always been a  loyal fan. Although they still serve me well, if I didn’t accomplish everything on that list for the day, I would mentally beat myself up over it, telling myself that I was a failure. The next day, what wasn’t completed from the previous day was tacked on the current to-do list. This created more work for the day, and inevitably lead to disapointment in myself for not having crossed off every task that day. And so on and so on. It was a vicious cycle.

Reading James Clear’s article, “Forget About Setting Goals. Focus on This Instead,” put the whole goal setting phenomenon into perspective for me. My takeaway is that instead of aiming to complete goals set, to focus on the processes that get me there. By focusing on the practice, I will be in the present, rather than always looking to the future. I won’t chastise myself for not completing a goal, because instead of striving to check of a measurable milestone, I will have reflected on the fact that I pratised somewhat. Even if just a little.

Therefore I have put together a list of processes I will continue on doing, as well as ones I will implement this year.

2014 Intents

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