10 Malta Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Malta is small but mighty.

With less than half a million residents in a tiny piece of land, it’s hard to believe a country of this size could be something notable. But what the Maltese islands may lack in population and sheer size, they more than make up for in awe-inspiring landscapes, architectural beauty, seaside wonders, and an easy Mediterranean way of life.

The visitors to the Maltese islands are always impressed by its beauty. But visitors come and go. Ultimately, what makes a place special are the people that live there. Malta boasts a large expat community, with aids in propelling the island further into European modernity. The hodgepodge of professionals have created a diverse creative culture, with everyone being only one degree of separation (seriously). I’ve gotten to know many of these talented creatives over the years, and they are paving the path to showcasing what Malta has to offer. To catch a glimpse into our Europe-in-the-Med life, one just needs to scroll through Malta’s geotag on Instagram, where your feed is sure to be dominated by honey hues from the limestone rock, and azure swatches thanks to the ever-present sea and cloudless blue skies.

If you want to see a curated feed of the best that the island has to offer, here are the Top 10 Malta Instagram Accounts to Follow:

1. @lovemalta

A ‘featured’ account, showcasing the best of handpicked photos taken on the Maltese islands from both locals and visitors alike. Expect travel-envy and FOMO-inducing landscape shots, saturated colours, and plenty of rock and sea.


2. @maltadoors

A personal favourite pastime of mine is capturing all the insanely picturesque doors across Malta. Therefore, I seriously appreciate that others too see the beauty in curbside appeal, and this account captures just that.



3. @kurtarrigo

Expect a whole lot of blue in this stunning account, largely focusing on sea-related activities like sailing and snorkelling.




Another ‘featured’ account, showing off all the hidden gems our little rock has to offer.




Maria has an incredible eye for capturing little details in simple moments. Her food shots especially induce salivating, and are great for inspiring your next meal featuring local ingredients as well as scouting out the next restaurant to check out.




While the fashion blogger has started made their rise in Malta, few have an aesthetically pleasing feed enough for me to follow. Enter Victoria, of lifestylizeandgo.com, who’s beautifully curated photos make up for it all. She pulls off a laid back cool girl vibe seemingly effortlessly, showing off Malta’s hottest events,  and also has a serious love of food. My kinda gal!




Brian is one of Malta’s most talented photographers, and with almost 20 years in the biz, it shows. Yet he still manages to capture the fleeting moments, almost like a snapshot of memory that seems so genuine. His love for the island is inspiring.




Nick’s feed has really evolved into something spectacular. Now playing around with drones, he photographs perspectives of the island not really ever documented before. Paired with his creative eye, his photos usually feature what Malta does best: sea and sky.




Another fashion blogger worth following. Bianca is an Architect with a killer style, and has a beautifully curated feed that showcases all her various interests, and talents. Think simple, relaxed, island vibes paired with sharp looks, all in a unified cool-toned feed.



Hi! Follow me for all my favourite spots around the rock I’ve called home for years now, from the best swim spots and vistas, the tastiest restaurants, and what I wear in between.


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