1 Year Living Abroad

Today marks one year of living abroad. Exactly 12 months ago, we boarded a plane heading to Malta, with no return ticket in hand. Although the year went by in lighting speed, (as good times usually do), at the same time it feels as if we’ve been away forever. Things definitely haven’t gone as planned, and yet everything has worked out fine. I’ll leave all the lessons I’ve learnt for another post, but suffice to say that living abroad doesn’t come without it’s own set of challenges, and overcoming them is the biggest reward of all. When I reflected back on the first 6 months living abroad, I was unsure of how the next 6 months would pan out. Although we’re slightly more stable now in terms of knowing our near future, there’s still an aspect of uncertainty where we’ll be and what we’ll be doing by this time next year. All I can say, is I’m sure as hell excited to find out.

To recap the first 6 months we:

May- Moved to Malta, found an apartment, settled into our new home.

Azure Window Malta


June – Celebrated my Birthday in Barcelona.

Barcelona Montjuic


July – Went to Sicily, ate the best food of our lives, climbed a volcano, and swam in these gorgeous gorges:

Alcantra Gorge


July – Had the pleasure of hosting my Mother & AuntMom in Malta


August – Moved to Ukraine, & found a stunning apartment to stay in short term.



September – Travelled to Turkey, where we soaked up all the foreign sights & smells of Istanbul.

Blue Mosque


October – Did two road trips in Ukraine: one through the Carpathian Mountains, and the other to visit the village where my Grandmother was born. I also launched this blog!


The first 6 months were such a whirlwind. We were travelling at least once a month, and over the span of half a year did 3 international moves. Although within the next 6 months we still did quite our fair share of trips, we’ve really settled into the expat life here in Malta. Here’s a chronological look back at the past 6 months abroad:


November 1st – Moved Back to Malta!



November 14th – J & I celebrated our 5-year Anniversary together. I couldn’t imagine doing any of this without my partner in crime by my side.

1 year anniversary cake


November 23 – We took a weekend Getaway to Gozo



December 6th – Landed a full time gig as a Marketing Manager in Malta!

IMG_8230 copy


December 18th – Spent one glorious week in Paris!

Arc Du Triomphe Paris


December 23 – Finally landed back home, where I spent the most blissful 2 weeks of my entire life catching up with friends and family. We also got to be there for the birth of our beautiful niece, Avery.



Januaury 11 – Back on the Rock (aka Malta). Back to work.



February 7th – Trip to Italy where we visited Bologna, Florence, & Venice.



March – We’ve been waiting for J’s residency visa to come in. Until then we can’t leave the Island, so we’ve started exploring some new areas of Malta.



April 3 – Long Weekend staycation in Gozo.



April 17th – Our Canadian friend comes to visit us!

Friends Visiting Expats


May 1st- 1 year Living Abroad. We celebrated by going to the beach, and ended our day with a double steak dinner.



Here’s to the next year, and where it will take us! We have some exciting plans lined up.

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  1. May 2, 2015 @ 10:09 am Sophie

    Wow! It’s been a year!! Congrats on having the courage and initiative to follow your dreams! Hear ‘s to another year of adventure and new learnings.


  2. August 28, 2015 @ 3:21 am Ramazan

    Why don’t you do some research yorlseuf first and find out the cost of say, a weekend in Europe. You can find and book it all on the internet. Cheap flights, hotel of you choice, excursions, etc. Somewhere like Bruges or Amsterdam. You can make it as cheap or expensive as you can afford. Then present him with what you have found and see what he thinks. It might be that he just hasn’t thought of all the options, but would be pleasantly surprised.


    • September 3, 2015 @ 4:04 am Cassie Drake

      Very true! Thanks for the advice. We do plenty of weekend trips in Europe so I know the cost associated with them quite well. It always just depends on flights.


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