8 Things I Learned From Living Abroad

After being gone from my native country for a few years, living in multiple countries, I’ve finally returned home. Throughout the course of living abroad, I’ve faced incredible challenges, learned more than I could have ever imagined, and have some pretty unbelievable memories to look back on. I’m not sure if I’ve come back “a…


Instagram Weekend Guide to Prague

Ah, Prague. I had been wanting to visit ever since I made the move to Europe. But as our time on that side of the pond was coming to a close, with Prague still remaining on our 2016 travel bucket list, we made a (very) last minute booking to Czech’s capital…like 2 days before. The city…


Silk Pyjama Pantsuit

I have always admired matching separates (from afar). A pantsuit is a necessary component to any professional working woman’s wardrobe, yet many can feel too stuffy, or hard to wear without the full ensemble. In passively searching for the perfect matching pantsuit, I wanted the complete set to look modern, and more casual than the…


2017 Intents

Every new year, I re-read this post on goal setting. And every year it reminds me not to set any. Author James Clear describes goals as self-sabotaging, in the sense that they effectively state that you must achieve x by the time x, or else you fail. Instead, he places importance on sticking to systems that constantly…


Rosé Mulled Wine

When the temperatures drop in preparation for the holidays, I love a steaming cup of anything from apple cider to hot chocolate. But it wasn’t until I started visiting European Christmas Markets that I fell in love with mulled wine (or glühwein as they say in Germany!). It’s basically Christmas in a glass, with spiced red wine…


Girl’s Gift Guide: What she really wants

I pride myself on giving really personalised gifts. I try hard to find something that speak’s to the recipient’s personality and passions. Obviously not all gift sets appeal to every girl! But if there’s a female on your gift list this year who’s either an avid traveler, a fashionista, a girl boss, or just one with a…


Moving On From Malta

The time has come to move on. Literally. We’ve decided that we’re ready to move from Malta, and this little rock we’ve called home for the past three years. The decision did not come easily, but a number of factors aligned together that lead us to come to this conclusion. Of course, it will be bittersweet. We’ll be leaving…


A Girl’s Guide to Amsterdam: de Pijp

This is part of a three-post series on our favourite spots in 3 of the best neighbourhood’s of Amsterdam. For the other two parts, click here for the Guide to Jordaan, and here for the Guide to the 9 Streets. De Pijp area is the ultimate cool-girl’s spot. Not only is it heavily residential, but…


A Girl’s Guide to Amsterdam: 9 Straatjes

If you’re looking for shopping, then the ‘De Negen Straatjes’ (or The 9 Streets) is where you should head to. It’s store after store of boutiques, one-off shops, and a few great chains that make the cut, dotted with some great restaurants and cafes in between. I found myself coming back to this area again…

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